My approach is always about understanding the inward significance and communicating this honestly into an outward appearance.

Whether I am creating a self-assigned project or working for a client, understanding the inner significance is essential, which is why I approach every project, listening intently with curiosity.

Music, arts or creativity in general are the beating heart of our human existence. All my work is set in the context of our collective human experience. In my music and cross-art projects, I always strive to evoke real feelings and experiences inspired by personal stories. Everyone has a story to tell. I want my musical creations to bring people together and initiate conversations with themselves and others.

I enjoy the process of creating and developing music and projects organically. I have different creating processes but what they all have in common is a constant conversation with the idea and myself. I speak, I listen, I feel, I listen – starting from a single point and spiralling outward. The longer the conversation the more refined the idea gets until I feel it’s finished.


I’m a work in progress and I love it.
Vinzenz Stergin