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LAXMI are an electronic pop duo using the bass laden UK underground to paint dark abstract pictures and sparkling, otherworldly horror stories.

 ‘Rules made by men who never sleep” EP Out: Autumn 2014


” If Kate Bush and the XX mated in orgiastic abandon; LAXMI woud probably be the result” Jess – The Line of Best fit

“LAXMI is a project that feels like it could turn on you at any moment giving you either your greatest pleasure or your worst nightmare, im looking forward to experiencing both and more. Exciting stuff. Good work guys.” Lee – Elementz Productions

“This lurches along like a sweet yet menacing bastard who has just hacked a furrow into some newly cut grass with his fuzzy guitar before heading off to meet his East London nutter of a girlfriend for a knees up, a kiss, and a row, in that order. What’s on offer here is a triumphant example of when the Avant garde manages to avoid the conceited yet still leaves a residue of chic in its wake. It’s messy yet it’s elegant and most significantly of all it’s dripping with ideas. An awesome introduction”
Ian McGinty – Nottingham Live

“Shirley Bassey and PJ Harvey, fighting in a Thunderdome” Steph Hallett – The Dalstonist

Formed earlier in 2012, comprising Singer Lou Barnell and Guitarist/Composer Vinzenz Stergin the two have performed in some of London and the UK’s best underground acts and projects to national and international acclaim.