6th Stop The Philippines


It’s been a month since the last update but no worries everything is fine. The camera spent some weeks in Manila, the Philippines. For a week or so I didn’t know where it was as the courier didn’t hand over the package personally but left it with someone else in one of these buildings in Manila – fair enough delivery guy:

Anyways I was relieved when Nella sent me a photo of her holding the camera (see above) when she finally got it. In the meantime, I received back the photo from Australia:

Our next stop is Hong Kong, China. The camera will travel there tomorrow. Nothing more to report on this for now.

I did release some music though which is not directly related to 12 Photos 12 Tracks. Two remixes from my latest EP.  Here is one of them:

If you like you can buy the whole album here:

Keep coming back here to stay up to date with the camera’s journey. If you have any questions hit me up on socials or email.