Autumn News

Hey Everyone,

I haven’t been writing here a lot lately. There are just too many things to do and I didn’t get around to it.
Autumn is a very creative time for me usually and I’ve been working on a lot of things.

The Mindful Guitar Method

After many years of developing and trial & error, I finally formalised a very exciting guitar teaching/coaching program
that I’m very passionate about. It’s called The Mindful Guitar Method where I combine the ancient teachings of mindfulness
with the learning of playing the guitar. It’s a 12-week program and I have a very small cohort of people. If you are interested please
click the photo above to learn more.

Also, I recorded a couple of new videos. Please check them out here [don’t forget to like and comment – let me know what you think]:

That’s it for now.

Peace to wherever you are,