What is reality?

The last two years showed us so clearly that there are so many different set of realities going on. Different people experience different realities and someone’s reality can be another person’s phantasy.

At times it gets all mixed up and it’s actually hard to know yourself what your current reality is.

I had a chat with an old friend to whom I haven’t spoken for years. It was really nice to touch base and I remembered why we got on so well all those years ago. It turns out he’s very much against the covid-19 vaccination which I’m not. His experience of life at this very moment when the pandemic seems to be going into its next phase is very different then mine. Although this is such a fundamental difference we managed to not get into it too deeply and actually had a very nice time.

This reminded me of the importance of staying flexible in our opinions and sometimes letting go of a strong point of view in order to keep talking to each other. Nothing is black & white.

On another note: my band Ode To Lucius is going on tour in may this year. We’ll be playing some concerts in Austria doing the 12 Photos 12 Tracks show + exhibition. More on that very soon.

The photo above I took in Greenwich on a very nice Thames walk.

Take it easy, Vinnie