Hi There!

I just touched down in Austria for the Christmas break. Here’s a shot during the approach to Innsbruck:

Winter wonderland all over. I already ate some snow as this is an ancient Austrian tradition: “The first snow shall be eaten when first encountered”. It’s not really a tradition but maybe it could become one? Let’s see…

Latest camera update

The camera is waiting to be shipped to Johannesburg/South Africa. We had a couple of failed pick-up attempts but finally, it worked out. It took 2 weeks longer than planned. The unpredictable journey amuses me, I like the controlled chaos.

If you like to find out about more how the project came together, please have a read of this interview I did with Kendra from ZO MAGAZINE.

In the meantime have a nice Christmas,

P.S.: If you want to find out about Nutcracker’s nemesis Peter have a look here. Christmess Story 3:

#christmess story number 3: ‘My nemesis Peter’ 😠🤨

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