New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ll try to write here on this blog more often this year. Not sure what about yet but I decided to just start typing and don’t think too much about it. I’ll just pop down some thoughts every now and then.


Yesterday I saw a gosling in Greenwich Park. One from Egyptian geese. Do geese get babies in winter? Seemed strange but it’s doing fine it seems. Checked back today. Amazing to see how the parents protect it together very thoroughly. You can find it somewhere in the image above. Didn’t get too close so that they could chill.

Also, I started a mentorship programme with Help Musicians UK, which is exciting. I’ll work with a music mentor on my plans for this year. I have lot’s of ideas and will try to stay sane while realising some and some others not. I’m very grateful that they facilitate this, great organisation.

I also started to practice clarinet and bass clarinet again. I missed this very much and it feels awesome. Follow me on TikTok if you use it, I’ll post jams and ideas there.

Major plans this year:

  • finally release the 12 Photos 12 Tracks album and tour with the ladies of Ode To Lucius
  • play live a lot more with different people
  • create a documentary
  • go hiking in Wales
  • be kind to myself & others
  • meet my friends as much as I can
  • This is it for today.

    Until soon,