New Single ‘All Hail The Lovers’

Single #3 is OUT NOW!

Our new single ‘All Hail The Lovers’ is out now on every platform!! Go stream it folks!!
It’s the third single of our upcoming album ‘12 photos 12 tracks’, we hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it!
A big big thank to everyone involved:
🎥 Artemis Evlogimenou for this wicked video
🎙 Shaken Oak Studioss & Ash Gardner & Jamie Mck for the recording
🎧 Will Turner Duffin for the mix/master

When writing, this song was one of those that flowed so smoothly and quickly, and barely changed even in structure. The lyrics were done in about 20 minutes! This is quite rare and often songs can take days, weeks, months or even longer to craft into their final version. We really love it and hope you do too, share it to someone you love.

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Peace & Love,