Mona Simpson & Art

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<<<This blog is a way for me getting better at writing so I force myself to do it every week.>>>


It’s Monday again and it’s windy outside. Over the weekend we had a first greeting from summer. It feels so good strolling around in a T-Shirt in the young summer. Main highlight of the weekend though were the 8 goslings in exploration mode.

So, last week I recorded a bunch of videos for a new YouTube channel. To set up the scene, one of my nice students lend me a really cool print by Nick Walker called ‘Mona Simpson’. It’s been in our living room for a week now and it totally changed the vibe. I always loved art and go to lot’s of exhibitions but strangely in my home there’s not a lot of art. Partly because it’s expensive but then on the other hand you can get cool stuff if you look for it. I just never put in the effort.

This week, every time I entered our living room I felt very different and inspired. I looked at this simple painting and it sparked many thoughts. Art is as human as it gets. This was a good reminder that I need to be surrounded by art and on Sunday I went to my favourite local gallery – the Ben Oakley gallery in Greenwich market – to find something for my wall. Ben is a really cool and fun guy and he showed me around. I saw these painted birds by the artist Sweler that I wanted to get. Ben went upstairs with me and looked through the drawer 4 times but all the prints were gone. He then went into the attic and came down with an old collage he made many years ago. “This is something nice for your wall until the print arrives” he said. “It’s a present”. What a lovely surprise, what a Dude!

It’s on my wall now and sparks new ideas into my brain.

Until next week,