Kicking Off Very Soon


After many conversations with many different people, I’m happy to announce that Polaroid
is supporting 12 Photos 12 Tracks. This means that we have slightly altered the project but it
actually works even better.

Instead of a disposable camera, a Polaroid camera is being sent around the globe. Each participant
takes a photo and then sends the image back to me and the camera on to the next person. They still only have a single chance to take a photo as there will be just 12 photo films in the camera. It also allows me to start writing track ideas right away. It’s also better for the planet to reuse stuff and not throw it away.

On Monday I received Polaroid’s newest camera the reissue of the classic OneStep model called
OneStep 2. I tried it out, it works and it feels amazing to hold a photo in your hands that you just took. We are among the first people using it.

Next week we will do a press photo shoot and then I will send the camera onto its journey. I’m very excited and do keep coming back here to stay up to date about what is happening.

The cover photo of this post is from a walk in Lower Austria in the middle of nowhere. I stayed there for a couple of days in a friends house chopping would, making fires and writing some music.

Take it easy,