Here We Go


Already a month has passed since my last post here. To get #12photos12tracks off the ground I need some partners to make it happen. I have been sending out many emails and did lots of phone calls trying to find the right person in the right department. I also talked to a lot of robots navigating me to the right person or more often not to the right person. Learning a lot about communication here.

This week it was very exciting to be working with Luke Jones from Red Bull (Red Bull Media House UK) as part of their Wings Day Project. Each employee of RB gets some time that she/he can spend on developing a project. They first have to pitch it internally to see it’s potential. When they get an OK  Luke’s been helping me to get my project to the next level – giving it wiiiiings. It was amazing watching him do his thing. So to the point, direct, clear and all along very charming.

It is growing and it looks like we got some exciting partners on board. More to be told on this hopefully very soon.

There’s also a first press article in Austrian newspaper TT. It’s in German and you can read it here:

Here’s a photo of my cat after I got back home from some meetings and she doesn’t care at all about all of this, in fact, she’s quite underwhelmed:


The photo of the flowers I found on my way into town walking through Greenwich Park.

Have a nice October,