Happy New Year!


I just arrived back in London after 2 weeks of Winter wonderland back home in Austria (see cover image).
I tried to suck up as much nature as possible but it feels good to be back in town getting back to work. Here’s a shot of a forest during intense fog and it looks like a macro image of the hair on your head:

The camera made it to its 4th stop Johannesburg/South Africa! It took over 3 weeks to get there from Argentina. In my head, DHL sent it directly east from Argentina to Africa but in the real world, it went via Spain, Germany, Belgium and Nigeria before arriving in South Africa.

Raffy and his family took a photo there and sent the camera on to Lucia and its 5th stopMelbourne, Australia. This trip took 3 days! In the meantime I received the 3rd photo back:

I decided to share the actual photos along with the tracks. I think that’s more exciting and some of you also told me to do so. Next week I am having 2 sessions with great artists who are each co-writing one of the tracks with me. Looking forward to that.

Also: if you’re in London I’m playing a set at Servant Jazz Quarters on Jan 16th together with my mate and amazing drummer/musician Adam Betts supporting the really cool band 5K HD. You can get tickets here.

Stay tuned and take it easy,