Studio sessions & Learning

<<<This blog is a way for me getting better at writing so I force myself to do it every week for 30 minutes.>>>

Last week I went to my friend Rob’s studio in Bermondsey to work on a film score. It’s the first time since over a year that a session like this happened. It was amazing to be doing that. We really vibed of each other and got lots of ideas down. Rob is a sound designer whom I met through Deptford cinema where we both are volunteers. He’s a very creative and interesting artist who spent a big chunk of time living in Japan studying and making music.

It was amazing to watch him take raw ideas I just improvised, mashing them up into the perfect cues for the different film scenes. He called that ‘shaping’ and I learnt a lot during this session. He was very keen on working fast, getting ideas out and not sticking around too long on a single idea. That was a new way of working for me and I really liked it. You don’t get stuck on the perfect performance but you sort the vibe & energy first. Once that is done you can spend some time another time and record it perfectly. It really allows you to explore naturally and not worry too much about technique or performance.  Pure flow.

I love collaborative work where two or more brains work together like that and I’m grateful having opportunities to work with very talented, fun people who show me new approaches. Learning new things, challenging your own patterns is amazing and I felt really alive.

During our lunch break we went for a long walk (see photo above). Here’s two dorks at tower bridge:

This week I’m very excited to be meeting up with my friend the amazing drummer Adam Betts. We are doing a writing/recording session for my 1 Mi2 project.

Until next week,