Vinzenz Stergin

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12 Photos 12 Tracks
A camera’s journey around the world turned into music

Creative concept & directing, co-creation, co-production, marketing/PR coordination, fundraising & on time & in budget (£15k) delivery by myself

Collaborators: Marianne Canning, Amy Kelly, Tom Loffman, Artemis Evlogimenou, Ash Gardner, Bold Tendencies (venue)

Supported by



A Polaroid camera got sent around the globe. 12 different people took a single shot of a place that’s special to them.

Once the photos came back, me and my band ‘Ode To Lucius’ wrote and produced 12 tracks inspired by those photos and related stories.

This then toured as a live concert with an accompanying exhibition.


The camera traveled 61800 km. This is the same distance as you would be running the London Marathon 1466 times. It took nearly 2 years for the camera to complete it’s world circumnavigation.


Mini Documentary

Behind The Bars
Video Magazine for InHouse Records

Creative concept, production planning, directing, hosting, on time & in budget delivery by myself

Collaborators: Halo Production (venue partner), Esther Ackland (video/sound)


InHouse records is the world’s first prison run label & an award winning social initiative, with a proven track record of creating positive change for society.  Operating in and out of Her Majesty’s prisons across the South East of England since 2017 InHouse reduces the recidivism rate.

In the magazine I interview ex-prisoners about their journeys and the positive impact music had on their lives. I also managed the production team.

I’m Gonna Take It All MUSIC VIDEO

Creative concept, co-creation, co-production (audio/video), marketing/PR coordination, fundraising, shoot organisation, on time & in budget (£5k) delivery by myself

Collaborators: Nora Jenewein, Mike Freedman, Guy Combes, The Munns family, Annika Kombart, Donald Newholm,  people of Deptford high street. 

Co-Produced by DAY600 & directed by Mike Freedman


Creative concept by myself
Produced by Red Bull Media House

The Project

Red Bull teamed up with Shure, specialists in all things audio, to create Red Bull Soundscapes – a project that challenges rising music producers to capture the sounds of Red Bull’s flagship sporting events and make them into brand new music productions. Along for the ride this time was Manchester electronic producer Anz, who used the brand new Shure MV88+ microphone to explore the audio world of Hardline – from crunchy landings over the course’s notorious freeride-style jumps to the sound of bike maintenance and the cheers of the crowd.

But could she turn the sounds she captured into a banging club track? Check out the final track below, then scroll down to check out the individual samples as they came together.



 More info here.

The Deptford Cinema Podcast

A magazine style compilation of content from the whole DC volunteer body discussing anything and everything from the world of cinema.

Creative podcast concept co-developed by myself
Co-produced/edited/directed by myself

Collaborators: Nora Jenewein, Sam Taylor, Neal Browne, Rob Szeliga & anyone from the volunteer body

Sample Episode 15 – 12/20
(produced/directed/sound design/mixed by myself)

‘Unwritten’ – Ten Songs for a Lar 

Creative concept, production, on time & in budget (£1k) delivery by myself

Collaborator: poet Louise Fazackerley

Ten Songs for a Lar is a new and ambitious global artist commission inspired by an almost 2000 year old mysterious figurine, held in the collections at The Guildhall Museum, Rochester. My proposal was selected out of 350 worldwide applications along with 9 others.


Music composition & production on time & in budget (£1.5k) delivery by myself
Produced by BEAST