Camera Journey Complete!

1 1/2 years ago I sent the Polaroid camera on a journey around the world. Today the camera completed its circumnavigation and returned back to London! It travelled over 60.000 km. At one point it was lost in a jungle in The Philippines & it also accidentally got sent to the wrong Russian city. Somehow we always managed to get it back on track.

A big thank you to all the 12 strangers around the planet (a couple of you I know better) who took the time, thought of a place and sent the photo back to me.

Next week me and my bandmates Amy & Marianne are locking ourselves into a remote studio in Oxfordshire, surrounded by the photos and see what we come up with. There is a fire place and lot’s of cats are living there, so we should have all we need.

We have a band name now:  ODE TO LUCIUS
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Many thanks again to Help Musicians UK for funding this part of the project.

The next stages are an album recording and some concerts with an accompanying exhibition of the photos in huge prints.

This journey tells a wonderful story of unity through music and art in a current world full of chaos & uncertainty.

Thanks for following #12photos12tracks so far and stay tuned!