Arrival in Hong Kong/China

Not over yet

When I started the project I expected to give you updates here once a week but nothing really happened this month besides my cat staring at me and occupying my workspace:

I also did a couple of expeditions to the park while the beast from the east brought down London, here’s a shot I took and really like:

In my last post on February 19th I wrote: “Our next stop is Hong Kong, China. The camera will travel there tomorrow.” Well, this wasn’t quite the case. The camera got left behind in a nature resort, where Nella (our 12 Photos 12 Tracks participant from The Philippines) traveled to take her photo, and stayed there for a couple of weeks. After lots of emails, Whatsapp chats and Facebook messages I started to accept the fact that the project might have come to an early end. It took quite a while to get the camera back but it finally did. It seems the camera really liked the Philippines and stayed there for nearly two months.

Yesterday I got the confirmation that our courier service picked it up and the camera already landed in China and is now with Jon, who sent me this pic today:

Besides writing emails, I did a couple of sessions with singer Alev Lenz. She’s a very interesting, funny and inspiring woman and musician. We wrote a song together based on the photo that came back from Argentina.

Stay in tune and check out the sun, she’s back!