CV – Vinzenz Stergin


Address: 3 Allison Close, SE10 8AZ, London | Phone +447531830784 | |
Height: 5’11” Build: slim Hair: black Eyes: Green/Blue Weight: 70kg
Accents: Austrian (native), German, French, Russian, Italian

Playing Age 25-35

Skills Musician (playing guitar ,vocals & clarinet on a professional level, keyboard, ukulele, percussion, composer/producer, conductor) full driving license, swimming, climbing, cycling, moped rider, photography, languages (German, English).Experience

(role, TITLE, type, production year, director, COMPANY)

Busker ‘THE LATE SHIFT’ (World Wide phone advert for HUAWEI) 2014 Olly Riley-Smith, PRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL

Donald THE INCIDENTALS (6 part Mini Series) 2014 Mike Freedman, EMPEROR’S NEW PRODUCTION

Vinzenz Stergin WEDENSDAY MORNING POEMS (Mini Series) 2014 Vinzenz Stergin, STERGIN MUSIC

Siegfried EVERY NIGHT I’M FALLING OUT OF NOWHERE (short film) 2012 Mihalis Monemvasiotis, INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION

Vinzenz Stergin MONDAY EVENING BATHROOM SESSIONS (12 part Mini Series) 2012 Vinzenz Stergin, STERGIN MUSIC

Vinzenz Stergin WOODY ALLEN IS A MAN WITH LARGE BREASTS (music video) 2012 Vinzenz Stergin, Jason Wilkinson, Nora Jenewein STERGIN MUSIC

Gonzo Gonzales THREE MEN AT A TABLE (short film) 2011 Nora Jenewein, JENVINO PRODUCTIONS

Iranian Police Officer TALION (short film) 2011 Nora Jenewein, JENVINO PRODUCTIONS/GREENWICH UNIVERSITY

Vinzenz Stergin TOP OF THE WORLD (music video) 2010 Michele Fiascaris, STERGIN MUSIC

Touring with my own projects as well as others (e.g. Tom Norris – London Symphony Orchestra) around Europe and the US (2000-2014)