A year ago the journey started

One Year Older

It’s been roughly a year now since I sent the camera off to Canada. Initially, when I planned the journey, I expected the camera to be back in London two months later. What I didn’t take into account were the participants’ individual lives. We all have stuff to do. We drink coffee, go to work, travel to places, hang around, stroke a cat, worry about life, read, try to catch up with things or meet with friends and take care of our families. So the camera will be back with me eventually but I don’t know when, and this is alright. At the moment it is in Los Angeles, USA with Laura but she is traveling all over the place and the perfect moment to take her photo hasn’t arisen yet.

About a month ago I stopped using social media after reading Jaron Laniers‘ book “Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media”. I’m a big fan of him and he has interesting thoughts and theories. Whereas I didn’t agree with everything,  I wanted to give it a shot.

After a month off of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I’m living a different life.  I haven’t felt this creative and motivated in a long time. My thoughts and ideas are much clearer and focused. I really enjoy working on new music and I’m very much in the zone without being distracted by all the meaningless noise. I seem to be much more in tune with myself and my surroundings. I’ll stay off for now and can recommend to try it out as well.

Here’s a photo of a tree in an alley near my house. Autumn. It looks like the Easter Island tree is singing at the moody hop ball:

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