3rd Stop Buenos Aires

The camera arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Julieta is the next person taking a photo.

We had a bit of an uncertain moment whether the camera will make its way to her. At first DHL sent the camera back to Peru as we are not allowed to send an item that has a charged battery inside. It appears that each country has different rules for batteries travelling on planes. This didn’t cross my mind once when preparing the journey. Anyways, lesson learnt and it worked out in the second attempt.

Today I also got back the second image:

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) featured 12 Photos 12 Tracks on their news blog. You can read our chat here: https://www.bpi.co.uk/news-analysis/12-photos-12-places-12-stories-12-tracks/ 

I started working on the first track and also met the first collaborators. I’m very excited about this. More info soon.

When Julieta is done the camera will change the continent. The next destination is South Africa.

Stay tuned,