2nd Stop Lima


The camera arrived in Lima, Peru. I got sent this really nice clip from Siara, who is
opening the package containing the Polaroid:

The next stop of the camera will be Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today the postman also delivered the first image coming back to me:

The mailing system seems to be working out. Hooray! I wonder what will be on that photo. It is so amazing that it is really taking place, can’t stress that enough. It was just an idea a couple of months back and now an envelope containing a photo is stuck in my door. Can’t wait to start working on the tracks. I’m not sure whether I should share the photos before the tracks or the other way round?! Would you like to see the shots now? As I am writing this I think it’s cooler if you get to see them after the tracks. Anyways, thoughts or comments on this are very much appreciated. Either here or on socials…

If you’re interested you can check out an article in FMS Magazine, who did a feature on the project.

Stay tuned and have a nice weekend,