2 days late & shooting videos

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2 days late

The past week went by very quickly. So quickly that I only noted today that it’s already Wednesday. This means I’ve already breached the contract with myself of writing a blog post every Monday, two weeks in…anyways, here we go.

<<<This blog is a way of me getting better at writing so I force myself to do it every week.>>>

Shooting Videos

In the past month I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to make better YouTube videos. I also got some new filming gear to start shooting new stuff. It’s a never-ending journey when you start to educate yourself about creating content. What gear shall I get? Do I need that or that? I decided to stop buying stuff and just start.

Me and my partner decided to revamp our education business which we built up over the past 10 years in our local area. We never really advertised it and only teach around our house. We now call ourselves NEUZUGANG (German word for ‘new addition’) and we focus a lot on well-being while teaching. We want to carry on the spirit of the early pandemic where everyone started to re-discover the things they love doing but never had the time to do them. Also people paid a lot more attention to how they feel and what is good for them and what isn’t. Things are starting to change here in the UK and it seems we slowly shift back into the ‘always more more more’ mentality. We want to remind people…

So yesterday we shot a first batch of guitar education videos, and it was so much fun. Being well prepared for these kind of projects always pays off and it actually allows you to enjoy the process a lot more while doing it. I’m not sure where this all goes but I definitely feel in the flow at the moment.

Until next week,