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A disposable camera’s journey around the planet

Welcome, Everyone!

Some weeks ago I was swimming in an Austrian lake reminiscing about the past year’s projects. I felt exhausted. In our lives, we get bombarded with so many things, data and endless streams of information. It’s very hard to actually switch off as you always have to feel bad if you are not busy, sometimes pretending to be busy, or being productive. Especially when you live in a place like London.

Everything is perfect, if something doesn’t work out it’s your fault because you have to know everything. Yet it seems to me that we are all really struggling in this media-oversaturated world. It’s bottomless.

I then had the idea of letting go a bit and let the universe help me to get inspiration for my music. The thought of sending an analog device around the planet bringing me back images and stories feels very exciting and liberating. I will have to wait for months until the camera hopefully comes back. Every person participating will only have a single chance of capturing a moment.

I decided to put up a call for participants and very soon felt that it is resonating with a lot of people. Two weeks after I had all 12 people sorted. Everyone seems to be very excited being part of this and this feels great.

Now I’m trying to get the whole project funded. I don’t know whether I will be able to raise the money, whether the camera will actually come back or whether the G-string’s size is too big for the hippopotamus but the whole process already feels great as it’s so unsure and unpredictable.

On this blog, I will write about where we are with the project and what’s happening.

Write soon,