1 mi2 [one square mile] Release

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About two years ago I wrote something on my white board. I didn’t quite understand back then what it meant but I thought this will turn into something. Always when I entered my studio I saw that note on the wall. It’s strange how ideas come, go and evolve. Some stay some evaporate. Fast forward, one pandemic later, I finally started to develop this thought.

The idea behind 1 Mi2 is to promote empathy in the square miles we live. Personal conversations with people who live in the same square mile as myself inspired new music.

I know that many of our societal problems have deep roots and are very complicated. Nevertheless, I want to send out a positive message and encourage people to chat and listen to each other. Turning these chats into music is my way of having fun as an artist and also preserving them. I see music, or art in general, as a shared part of our human experience, everyone can and should engage in it. In the media we mainly see ‘exceptional’ people doing ‘exceptional’ things but I like to involve people in the creation process and explore their everyday stories to find the exceptional bits in there.

I wanted to kick 1 Mi2 off with 3 songs and now I want to spread this idea across the whole planet.
If anyone wants to join then please check out www.onesquaremile.eu for more information.

Please also consider buying the music to support the project:

As with all projects many people are involved to make anything happen. Thanks to all my amazing friends & musicians for plotting along. Love you!

Peace and until soon,