End Of Year slow down

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I haven’t been writing here for a couple of months. All is good on my end and at the moment, I’m in planning mode for 2022. As always I have many ideas that I want to realise, let’s see what will work out and what not. I shall keep you informed! The photo above is just some minutes away from my house. Loving the autumn vibe.

I’d like to share a moment I had yesterday: every week I work in ISIS prison (London) giving music lessons to inmates. It’s mostly songwriting & music production. There’s no internet and I love it. It always feels a bit like when I was 16 hanging out with my friends in rehearsal rooms working on ideas, experimenting and being endlessly curious and fascinated by music without distraction – it’s so positive.

During my lunch break I went into the prison restaurant. I sat there on my own for 40 minutes, had my lunch and also a coffee afterwards. Some inmates where getting Christmas decorations up, others were busy in the kitchen. It was quite a calming and nice atmosphere. As there are no phones allowed inside as well it felt so amazing to be 100% present in the moment. I had a really lovely chat with an inmate and  it reminded me about the importance to not be connected to the matrix all the time.

Although the prison days can be very emotionally draining and sometimes difficult I always get home with a great feeling of having done something very meaningful and positive. It’s very inspiring.

On another note: I created a quickstart guide for playing guitar. You can get it for free here.

Now, I’ll slowly go into reflection mode over Christmas to be ready for the adventures in 2022.

Peace and stay save,