„If they come up with more stuff like this we’re in for a treat“
(Simon Pursehouse – Sentric Music)

„Producer, composer & songwriter Stergin has cemented his importance on London’s alt-pop meets alt-rock scene by way of various creative and increasingly mad video concepts. To date he’s released a ton of visual and audible goodies…”
(Tiffany Daniels – Drunken Werewolf Magazine)

„..Adam Betts, one of the very best drummers in the UK…“
(Will Richards – DIY Mag)

„Exciting crossover between rock’n roll, blues and synth pop. Stergin’s clarinet playing beautifully melts in between distorted sounds, samples and the heavy & precise drum playing of Betts.“
(Marianna Kastlunger – 6020 Magazin)


Performer, songwriter and producer Stergin teamed up with drummer Adam Betts as NEUZUGANG to create a rock, pop, electronica-effects-infused world of riffs, hooks and melodies with drums, clarinet, guitar, vocals and synths.


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