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Back And Forth

I just realised that I haven’t been posting here since over a month ago. So here’s a short update.
I’ve been doing THIS for most of the past month:

As mentioned in the previous post, the camera made it to Japan. Mariam, our participant in Tokyo, took her photo and sent it back to me. We then arranged a pick up to send on the camera with DHL and they sent it to Moscow, Russia.

I followed the journey of the camera online. It went to a couple of different places in Germany before entering Russia. At some point, it said: “denied by Russian customs, sent back to Japan”. It turned out that one is not allowed to send a package to a private address via a courier service. Thanks DHL for sorting this beforehand.

Anyways, Mariam is now sending the camera via the national Japanese postal service. I hope it will arrive in Moscow soon. Come back here to check.

I’ll also share the first song very soon! It’s the song inspired by the photo that came back from Canada.

Stay tuned and enjoy the sun,

P.S.: the post photo was taken during a bird attack.