Release Day – First Image & Song

Lapis Lazuli Light

Nine months ago I have sent a Polaroid camera on a 61800 km journey around our planet. One morning a couple of weeks before I had the idea and thought why not try it out. After I put out a call on Facebook, lots of people around the globe replied. I selected 12 different people from 12 different countries so that the camera visits all five continents. The logistics of sending a camera on a journey proved to be much more complicated than expected. Everything is taking way longer than planned. At one point, the camera was lost for weeks in a remote place in The Philippines. Somehow it found its way back.

Currently, the camera is in Russia on its ninth stop. It has been delivered to a wrong city and Katarina, our Russian participant, is trying to track it down. As Russia is a tiny country, that should not be too tricky?!

I love the whole project being so unpredictable and fragile but up to now it somehow always worked out. Also thanks to the dedicated participants from all over the world. Thank You!

I decided to share the first photo and the track I wrote while the camera is still on the way. Here it is:

Lapis Lazuli Light was inspired by the photo, that came back from Canada. Our participants Martina & Reem, a very talented professional photographer duo, sent me a photo of a sundown at Lake Ontario. This is a place where they unwind and find new inspiration. They also miss the ocean and Lake Ontario is as close as it gets there.

You can buy and have a listen to the track here:

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P.S.: Thanks to Polaroid for supplying the camera and Red Bull Media House’ Luke Jones for helping me organise things.